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The survey has three themed sections; you can answer them all, or just those topics that interest you. Click on the links to skip to a specific topic. 



Characterful Places

Celebrate local communities and places to reinforce the existing sense of place as well as engage with new development.


Active Uses

Activate under-used spaces to create new places.



Improve accessibility to make places for all




Create continuous and inviting pedestrian routes that connect key destinations



Create cycling routes that connect into the broader city-wide network



Create a legible and navigable network of streets.




Create healthy landscapes that are sustainable and enjoyable environments


Safety & Health

Encourage an increase in active travel by creating new healthy and safe places.



Create coherent and safer lighting across Paddington.


Dynamic Destinations

1. Which of these local places do you frequently visit...

To enjoy outdoor space?
To exercise?
To get your shopping?
To meet friends & family?

2. Where are your favourite public places to spend time in the area?

(e.g. these could include streets, parks, commercial areas or even the water – anywhere outside your home)

3. Are there any public places in the area that you dislike?

(e.g. places that feel unwelcoming or unsafe)

Legible Routes

4. Are there any places in North Paddington where you think footpaths could be improved? 

(e.g. for safety, usefulness, or easier to navigate)

5. Are there any places in North Paddington where you think cycling infrastructure could be improved? 

(e.g. for safety, usefulness, or easier to navigate)

6. Are there any routes in the North Paddington where you think accessibility for people with disabilities or mobility issues could be improved?

(e.g. poor-quality or bumpy ground conditions, too many steps)

Healthy Landscapes

7. Are there any places in North Paddington that would benefit from more planting?

(i.e. new trees, flowers and shrubs)

8. Do you think the North Paddington area would benefit from more of any of the types of open space listed below?

9. Do you think spending time in the streets and outside spaces of North Paddington has an impact on your health?

10. Which of these features could we introduce to make public spaces and streets feel safer and healthier?

Please tick the improvements you would like to see and indicate where you would like to see them

About You

To help us build a picture of who is taking part, please let us know how you're connected to Paddington. These questions are optional.

How are you connected to Paddington? (select all that apply)

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