Paddington Places


A public realm and connectivity strategy for North Paddington

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‘Paddington Places’ is a vision for North Paddington aiming to improve walking & cycling connectivity, wayfinding, lighting, landscape, placemaking and public realm.


Get Involved​

Before we make any changes, we want to understand your thoughts and insights about North Paddington, to ensure that the changes are beneficial for everyone - including the local community. 


The project is open for community and stakeholder engagement until the 14th December 2020. Please note we have extended the engagement period due to the latest COVID-19 lockdown measures. 

You can get involved online here



If you would like to discuss any aspect of the project with us please get in touch by phone, by email, or by sending a message in the form.


Call us on: (+44) 07434 664017

Public Events

We have hosted three workshops to ensure that the views of residents, business, visitors and our partners form part of the future vision for Paddington.

In the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic these events were hosted online (on ‘Microsoft Teams’). 


Public Online Workshop:

Legible Routes

- Walking connections

- Cycling connections

- Wayfinding

16th November 


Open to all

This event has now ended


Public Online Workshop:

Dynamic Destinations


- Creating characterful places

- Activating underused spaces

- Accessibility 

17th November 


Open to all

This event has now ended


Public Online Workshop:

Healthy Landscapes

- Landscape and planting

- Safety and health

- Lighting

18th November 


Open to all

This event has now ended

About the project​​



The Paddington Places strategy seeks to transform North Paddington’s fragmented neighbourhoods into a vibrant, healthy, and inclusive area by rebalancing the environment to enable legible and safe pedestrian and cycle movement, and to create great public spaces.



The Paddington Places strategy includes a programme of projects that will be delivered across a range of timescales.

The development programme includes short term projects, such as small public realm improvements, to be delivered over the next few years; medium term projects such as new public spaces and street renovations over the next 10 years; and long term projects such as new developments or major changes to highway layouts that will likely be delivered after 2030.



Over the last 250 years, Paddington and the communities that live and work there have been increasingly separated by large strips of infrastructure: the railway, the canal, and most visibly the Westway.


There are only a few safe places to cross this infrastructure, meaning that it has become increasingly difficult to walk and cycle to nearby neighbourhoods, and therefore communities are potentially missing out on great opportunities and places that are nearby. This is the issue that this project aims to address.



Paddington Places  focuses on the area between and around Royal Oak tube Station and the Edgware Road tube Stations, including Bishops Bridge Road, the section of Canal between Warwick Ave and Paddington Basin, and the area around City of Westminster College.


About the Team

Project Lead

Westminster City Council are leading and funding the Paddington Places project as part of a shared ambition to transform the area.


In January 2020 Westminster City Council appointed an architect-led team to develop the project, consisting of the strategy an 'urban framework' for Paddington, and a  series of concept designs for site-specific projects.

The design team is led by 5th Studio and includes, Jonathan Cook Landscape Architects (JCLA), Studio DEKKA, and Daisy Froud. Additionally, the design team are collaborating with Norman Rouke Pryme (NRP) who are undertaking a wider highways strategy for the area.


5th Studio, are leading the Paddington Places engagement programme, with professional guidance from Daisy Froud.


Approach and Commitment to Engagement 


To ensure that the future of Paddington is a vibrant and healthy place for all, Westminster City Council are committed to hearing your ideas, insights, comments, and concerns. 

Before we provide an opportunity to comment on plans that have already been made, Westminster City Council are committed to engaging with local residents, businesses, and stakeholders at an early stage, to identify issues and aspirations that will shape the emerging designs.



We are committed to responding to your feedback. After the 14th of December, we will analyse your comments, and provide an online response, explaining how your feedback has or has not been able to influence the final strategy.

Our engagement approach consists of two rounds of questionnaires online and by post, and by hosting a range of public and stakeholder events online. You can also contact us by email or by phone to find out more or share your comments. 


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