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To ensure that the future of Paddington is a vibrant and healthy place for all, we’re collecting the views and insights of residents, business, visitors, and stakeholders to inform the future vision and masterplan for the Paddington.

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Westbourne Terrace


Forming the north western entrance into Paddington, Westbourne Terrace’s multi-level complex road network generates an illegible and underwhelming gateway to the area. The public realm has been designed to cater for strategic road access needs, leaving a hostile and barren environment for pedestrians and cyclists.


Enhanced routes will allow communities in Royal Oak, Little Venice and the Harrow Road areas to benefit from the growth and improved local services proposed for Paddington.


Design Aims:

1. Provision of new cycling infrastructure and

pedestrian crossings that create continuous and

intuitive routes

2. Creating an entrance plaza into Westbourne Green

3. Unlocking potential uses under the flyover

4. Creating a gateway and entrance into Paddington


5. Sustainable and engaging environment

6. A comfortable and enchanting pedestrian and cycle

route between Royal Oak station and Paddington