About the Project



The Paddington Places strategy seeks to transform North Paddington’s fragmented neighbourhoods into a vibrant, healthy, and inclusive area by rebalancing the environment to enable legible and safe pedestrian and cycle movement, and to create great public spaces.


Paddington Places  focuses on the area between and around Royal Oak tube Station and the Edgware Road tube Stations, including Bishops Bridge Road, the section of Canal between Warwick Ave and Paddington Basin, and the area around City of Westminster College.


Paddington has never been a ‘typical’ area of London as it has been continually disrupted by infrastructure over a long period of time. The Westway has been an emblem of disruption and severance in the city and the most visible symbol of a series of metropolitan innovations that Paddington has adopted over the last 250 years, resulting in an unusual concentration of linear infrastructure, urban ‘scar tissue’, and a loss of distinctive places that connect between otherwise successful parts of Westminster: this is the condition that this project seeks to address and transform.



The Paddington Places strategy includes a comprehensive programme of projects that will be delivered across a range of timescales.

The development programme includes short term projects, such as small public realm improvements, to be delivered over the next few years; medium term projects such as new public spaces and street renovations over the next 10 years; and long term projects such as new developments or major changes to highway layouts that will likely be delivered after 2030.

We are engaging on a strategy for the area which sets out guidelines for connectivity, healthy landscapes, and placemaking as well as concept designs (RIBA stage 2) for a number of sites.


About the Team

Project Lead

Westminster City Council are leading and funding the Paddington Places project as part of a shared ambition to transform the area.


In January 2020 Westminster City Council appointed an architect-led team to develop the project, consisting of the strategy an 'urban framework' for Paddington, and a  series of concept designs for site-specific projects.

The design team is led by 5th Studio and includes, Jonathan Cook Landscape Architects (JCLA), Studio DEKKA, and Daisy Froud. Additionally, the design team are collaborating with Norman Rouke Pryme (NRP) who are undertaking a wider highways strategy for the area.


5th Studio, are leading the Paddington Places engagement programme, with professional guidance from Daisy Froud.


Place Plan

To effectively plan for these opportunities, Westminster City Council are in the process of bringing forward the Paddington ‘Place Plan’. The council are working with stakeholders and local communities to deliver the first stage of this work, the ‘Paddington Places’ strategy.